Friday, 10 August 2012

Eleanor Hardwick my inspiration for photoshooting!

Hooray! Tomorrow is Saturday!!
What's so excited about Saturday? Oh well, it's weekend, meaning people who need to work will not need to go back to hell tomorrow; This also means that someone will be free to go for photoshooting with me, which also means that I will have new outfit post soon! I am so excited about it and I have started planning on what to wear for tomorrow's outing (o la la~)

Meanwhile, I am getting some inspirations for the shooting from Eleanor Harwick's website, a young girl with superb taste and also very Lula-magazine-ish! Also, very vintage and dreamy! Gosh. I am in love (ahhhh...)

She also featured in many famous magazines, such as Tavi's Rookie, Dazed and Confused and British Vogue and etc. etc.
She started her photography at age of 12 ( What were we doing in that age? I was probably still watching Sailormoon, the Japanese animation. Gosh.)

Can't wait for tomorrow's shooting! Weeee~ 


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