Saturday, 11 August 2012

[Outfit] Dreamy Vintage Granny Look

As mentioned in previous blog, I went for outing + photo-shooting with the man who doesn't need to work on Saturday! So I decided to dig out this vintage blue dress with pleated midi which I bought sometimes ago but I haven't find the right moment to wear it; I love the colour of this dress which is in pastel blue with some pink and white polka dots on it, I find that it is very dreamy, hence, I decided to make myself a flower crown to match with it and also goes with the breezy summer (yes, I made this flower crown a day before the shooting just for the sake of matching; I know I'm a bit obsessive about it.); 

I am trying to be one of the grannies and trying to feel  like them. 

Oh, the new shoes I am in love with.

Another DIYs by me. I'm addicted to stars, as always, and the horses.

Captured a close-up of the crown to show the glitters on the glue!

I finish up the dreamy look with the stars and horse bracelets I made days ago, also I think it could create a balance look with the granny outfit. I think stars and horses are so dreamy, like unicorn in the universe? Or a marry-go-round under the starry nights? Alright, I am talking craps again. 

Anyway, do you notice the glitters on my flower crown? I used the glue which has glitters in it! I was looking for it since I last seen something similar in Tavi's Style Rookie and finally I found it in some handicrafts shop!! Hooray! I bought gold and darker silver with glitters as well, will try it out next time. I think that the glitters glue could cover the ugly that you wanna hide from being seen by others, such as the cuts of the stem of the flowers. 

Oh, and of course I want to talk about the new shoes I got from Monki (of yes I am a fans, too bad that I couldn't get Topshop here, so I invested big amount of my money to Monki, and thank God that we have COS in HK now). I found this pair of shoes is pretty interesting the first time I saw it in the shop, but I was stopped from buying it by my friend (who are trying calm me down from the mood of shopaholic-ness, I thank her for her goodwill); However, I just couldn't forget about the shimmering caused by the 'leather' of the shoes for days, so it is now staying happily ever after with me :) 

Before ending the post, I wanna share an interesting idea that the man who photo-shot me came out with for my facebook album about my outfit, he pop-out this idea to title my album as : SOUP OF THE DAY which give me the feeling of love at first sight! So the album is created with some descriptions I created for it - 

Soup of the Day.

I will add different kinds of ingredients according to my mood of the day, and hopefully, it comes out 'tasty' enough; 
Or at least, hopefully, not a catastrophe. 

Ok, just trying to give some credits to this creative man. 
I am sleepy after typing this long post, I hope this doesn't put those who are reading into sleepy mood too. 

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Monki
Bag: Random from street hawker
Accessories/ Flower crown: DIYs by me. 

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