Friday, 3 August 2012

[Outfit] Black x White the classic match.

Halo everyone! (If someone is reading tho')
This is my first ever snapshots post of my own outfit in this 'fashion blog'. I am a bit nervous and also was excited trying to act like expert blogger (errr.. I mean acting like), yes I have been dreaming to be an expert fashion blogger since the first time I read Tavi's blog (everyone knows Tavi right? Booo.. yea I'm still talking about Tavi, la di da), I am really inspired by her. Besides Audrey Hepburn, I think she would be the next person inspires me the most in my life; ok, I mean in my fashion life. 

So, here we go~ I was wearing my 50% off COS's black dress with the belt I bought from Zara during the sales too, finish up the look with white loafers. Sorry for the blurry pictures and the repeated poses, as I said, I am really a newbie in this. 

Anyway, this might seems to be under-dressed for a fashion blog I guess or this look doesn't show the breath of summer, but who cares. I love black, and I do think black and white is always the best and classic match. Don't we all love LBD? 

I added the this 'ribbon-ish' thingy on my hair so that it could add a little statement to my plain look. It is actually a small square scarf with chiffon x organza-ish fabric (I seriously don't know what kind of fabric is that but it is hard enough to stand as a bow); I do think scarf is a good accessories, and it's not only for the neck! 

Not to forget the vintage shoulder bag, I bought it in a really good price and I love it so much! It just simply goes with any kind of dress and look, especially vintage look. I hope I could capture a closer look of the bag next time. Again, I apologise for my experience-less fashion shooting. 

Well, that's all for today. I hope this post doesn't cause you yawning. 

Dress: COS 
Belt: ZARA
Loafers: ASOS
Bag: Vintage

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